Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I drink the heron guarded honeyed mead
And did those things of which others only read.
Upon brittled pages of ancient book
The wind awoke, elms and willows shook
Before the galdr spoken loud
Thunder of fantastic wings did abound.
Down from Ginnungagap gulfs Nidhogg fell,
The grey-green, stupendous, bat winged Draco volans,
Come from the cloudy shores of Hel's shores,
Black furred and iron beaked, with eyes like mirrors reflecting heat.
When upon his back Nidhogg did unfurl
His vast and mighty wings across Jotun seas.
Of space we flew amid the Eleven Rivers,
So reached at last the mythic Tree
To men forbidden and by gods adorned,
Yggdrasil, where great Norns weave
Bloodied bonds that fetters keep.

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